Lesson Plan: Poetry

Teacher: Loryn Aman

Subject Area:  English and Literature

Grade Level: Fifth

Lesson Title:  Poetry


Students learn about writing their own poetry.

  • Students learn how to write a poem of their own
  • Students are able to identify various types of poems

Materials/Resources Needed:  Various examples of different types of poems. Here is a great website to use to get example ideas: http://www.kathimitchell.com/poemtypes.html

Anticipatory Set:

Have students read and discuss various types of poems.  “Mirror Mirror” by Marilyn Singer is a great example of imaginative and innovative poetry for students to be inspired by. 

Objective/Purpose:  Students will learn the various steps that it takes to write a poem of their own, as well as gain understanding about the various types of poetry. 

Check for Understanding: Have students talk about their various favorite poems they have read in class.  Ask them to specifically identify what kind of poem they are reading. 

Closure:  Have students present their poems to the class.  Encourage them to draw or illustrate their poems if they are able to.

Independent Practice: Have students continue to keep a poetry journal on their own time at home.

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