Lesson Plan: Write an Extraordinary Biography

Teacher: Loryn Aman

Subject Area:  History & Social Sciences

Grade Level: Fifth

Lesson Title:  Writing an Extraordinary Biography

Objectives: Students learn the process writing a biography.

  • Learn the process of interviewing someone and conducting research
  • Learn how the process of putting together a biography
  • Students learn the fact that even they can be fantastic biographers

Materials/Resources Needed:  Only a person to interview and the book, “The Extraordinary Mark Twain (According to Susy)” by Barbara Kerley

Anticipatory Set: Ask students to think of an important person in their lives, one that they can have contact with (no celebrities).

Have students find biographies about people and read them.  Ask students about some of the main parts of a biography.

Objective/Purpose:  Explain to students that their assignment will be to write a biography about a meaningful person in their life.  Like Susy, it is up to them to write it to their best ability and show as much about the person’s life that they can.

Input:  Again show students how the biographies they read are almost like a template for their own biographies they will be writing.  Provide each student with the handout from the book “The Extraordinary Mark Twain (According to Susy)” by Barbara Kerley that explains important parts of a biography.  This can be found here: http://www.barbarakerley.com/WritingABio.html

Check for Understanding:  Ask the students to give examples of people they are interested in writing about.  Have them share ideas about things that they will need to include in their own biography.

Closure:  Have students give an oral report on their person choosing the best topics and facts to share.  Encourage students to bring in pictures or various things that are important to their person.

Independent Practice:  Students will be writing a biography on their chosen person.  Have them come in the next day or two with the name of the person they want to be interviewing and their plan of action to complete this task.

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