Lesson Plan: I am the King (or Queen)

This idea was found online and then adjusted.  The lesson I used for my idea can be found here: http://www.carolhurst.com/subjects/ushistory/revolution.html 

Loryn Aman

Subject Area:  History & Social Sciences

Grade Level: Fifth

Lesson Title:  I am the King (or Queen)


Students gain insight into what it was like for those living in America before the Revolutionary War.

  • Learn about how it feels to have laws imposed on you by another person
  • Students are able to identify the various impacts that lead to the American Revolution

Materials/Resources Needed:  A list of various rules that are to be applied to the class.  You could even have another class make up the rules that the students need to abide by.  For example:

  • Students must bow before leaving their desk
  • Only the girls will receive a treat each morning
  • Only those older than a certain age get to go to lunch when the bell rings

A place for students to keep track of their feelings and frustrations about these various rules that are being applied to them.

Anticipatory Set:

Have students read the book, “Independent Dames” by Laurie Halse Anderson to get an understanding of how various women fought back.  Have them study various other important people to the American Revolution. 

Construct a timeline of the American Revolution that gives the main concepts for students to understand what lead up to the revolution.

Objective/Purpose:  Students will gain insight and understanding into how those living in America must have felt right before the Revolution. 

Input:  Reiterate facts about what people did for the Revolution.  Explain what came from the Revolution: Declaration of Independence, First President…etc.

Check for Understanding: Have students give examples of how these rules are affecting their own independence and liberty. 

Closure:  Have students present their feelings and frustrations to the class.  Also, have them think of rules to apply to your class next year.

Independent Practice: Have students locate information on important people from the American Revolution and present it to the class.

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