Lesson Plan: Endangered Species

Loryn Aman

Subject Area:  Earth Sciences

Grade Level: Sixth

Lesson Title:  Endangered Species


Students gain a better understanding about the growing problem with endangered species.

  • Learn about different animals that are extinct, endangered, or on the rise
  • Learn about what people are doing to stop extinction
  • Students gain insight into the various biomes and what kind of animals can live and thrive there

Materials/Resources Needed:  Access to a library or computer for information about animals and biomes.  Teacher will need a list of various extinct, endangered, and on the rise animals for students to do reports on.  www.iucnredlist.org is a great resource.

Anticipatory Set:

Have students read the book, “Can We Save the Tiger” by Martin Jenkins.

Have students think of their favorite animal and then look up online to see how that animal is doing in the world today: okay, endangered, on the rise, or possibly extinct.

Objective/Purpose:  Students will learn and understand how intense the problem of extinction is today.

Input:  Show students a slide show featuring various animals that are now extinct.  Explain where the animal was originally located and reasons why this has happened.

Check for Understanding: Have students pick an animal from the list you found, or assign them an animal.  Have them complete some research while at school and give a brief summation of what they have located.

Closure:  Have students give an oral report on the animal that they found.  Where it is located, what has caused the population to be under stress, and some ideas on how to stop this problem.

Independent Practice:  Students will need to accomplish additional research at home.  This should be done through internet research as well as research through books.  Suggest that students go to their local library and find books about their animal.

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